Bump Ahead


We are expecting our first child this August and couldn’t be more excited. I am hoping to feel cute enough to post lots of maternity looks over the next 6 months!

Now that I am in the second trimester, I thought it might be fun to share the things that got me through the first, including my odd constant craving.

A fashion look from February 2017 by serdarsa featuring S'well:

  1. The Snoogle: Something I did not expect so early in pregnancy was sleep troubles. I normally fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow, but now I have issues falling and staying asleep. I read rave reviews for the Snoogle. My sweet, amazing husband chipped in to buy it for me and it has made such a big difference in my quality of sleep. Game changer!
  2. Cereal: I learned quickly that every morning before getting out of bed it was imperative that I eat something, or else later I would end up laying on the floor of the bathroom shaking and calling for my husband to bring me something to put in my stomach.
  3. H2O: Not just any water, ICE COLD water. It’s super important to get enough water when you are pregnant and luckily I am constantly thirsty so it’s not hard to remember. But I do prefer it to be super super cold. It’s oddly satisfying and seems to offset some crummy symptoms.
  4. Pop Corners: Anyone that knows me knows that I am a fairly clean eater, and that became an even bigger priority once I became pregnant. I try to stay away from preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, GMOs, and heavily processed foods. When the all-day-long nausea set in, only salty, processed snacks would comfort me, so I set out to find the most nutritious options possible that were also delish. The perfect snack was Pop Corners, which contain just yellow corn, sunflower oil, and sea salt. No GMOs or artificial colors/flavors, and the simple salty flavor stopped my nausea in it’s tracks.
  5. Tunics and Blouses: A few weeks ago I started to feel like I was developing a belly, but not the cute obvious baby bump I am not-so-patiently waiting for. It’s more like a food baby, like I had a big lunch…ha! Catch ya later crop tops, bodysuits, and high-waist jeans. Hello tunics, blouse-y tops, and stretchy jeans! 🙂
  6. Meatball Sub: This is a really bizarre craving for me. It cracks me up! I never, ever ate meatball subs previously. I have NO IDEA where this random craving came from, but it’s here and it’s REAL. It’s mostly a meatball thing. I have picked some up from Whole Foods and eaten them by themselves and it was out of this world, but I prefer them in ‘sub’ form. I think about these darn sandwiches practically daily. I’m curious to see if this craving sticks around.
  7. Non-Pregnancy Related Entertainment: Reading about pregnancy and what fruit your baby compares to this week is fun, but also stress inducing when you start to read about all that could go wrong and worry you aren’t eating enough green veggies. When I was spending the majority of my time on the couch the first 3 months, my favorite magazines and Hulu shows helped me relax, pass the time, and forget about my worries.

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