Fur Cuffs

Zara Sweater Coat/Zara Leggings/H&M Top/Asos Boots/Forever 21 Sunglasses

I love me some Zara. Here’s the saddest story ever: there wasn’t a single Zara store in the state of Michigan, let alone the Detroit area where I was living, until I MOVED AWAY. They recently opened one less than 30 minutes from my former building. Now I’m in Wisconsin, and yet again I’m in a state with not a single Zara store. So you could say I’m pretty miffed about that. Luckily I have a really cool husband who was on board with a quick browse through the Zara on State Street in Chicago while we were in the city for lunch this weekend (Clifford’s first trip to Chicago!). I fell in love with this amazing sweater coat. It’s so soft and I just love the fur cuffs. It makes for a great layer on a frigid day or it works as outerwear on a mild fall day. I just love it.

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