Little Things

[Lilly looking exceptionally cute]

I believe the little things are truly what make everyday interesting and life as a whole more exciting. Every week I’m going to share a handful of “little things” that made life a little more special for me the past 7 days. I thought it would be a nice thing to post on Mondays.

Obsessed with our outdoor space. I love reading, drinking, eating, and just basking in the sunshine when summer rolls around so I couldn’t wait to make a cute and cozy space in our new yard to do that. The previous owners left these ugly ottomans in the basement. This week I spray painted the feet and recovered them in outdoor fabric to use outside. I’m so proud of them! Very cute and we were wanting somewhere to put up our feet.

I ran out of shampoo and was in the mood to try something new. This stuff smells SO good and it made my hair insanely soft. Obsessed!

What’s left of my birthday bouquet. I love a little bit of greenery in a simple jar.

Tosa Farmer’s Market finds. The market opened for the season on June 2nd. We had the most delicious sausage rolls for breakfast with hot coffee. I’ll go back JUST for that breakfast! We came home with cookies and kale. Because balance.

Clifford’s eyelashes are just unreal! No clue where he got these from but I hope they stick around. He has the most beautiful eyes and who doesn’t love that in a man??

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