Baby Number Two Coming this Spring!


I can hardly believe it, but Cliffy is going to be a big bro this spring ❤ This first trimester was by far much harder than with Cliffy. I’ve read this is typical with subsequent pregnancies, so I’m not convinced it means I’m having a girl. Although a lot of people have thought that! I haven’t been on this blog for a long time, but I really wanted to document this pregnancy exactly how I did with Cliffy. I love that I have the monthly updates to look back on, so I definitely want to do that again! For my first post, I’ll just do an overview of my first trimester…which has been so fun…not.

Overall my stomach was just way more upset this time around. My sense of smell was way stronger and more sensitive compared to my pregnancy with Cliffy. I don’t remember ever having that keen sense of smell with him that they say pregnant women experience. I definitely understood it this time. At first, I was losing weight because I was just too nauseous to eat and anything I did eat left my body immediately. I eventually couldn’t take it anymore, so my doc suggested Unisom + vitamin b6. It worked pretty well! I would still get pretty nauseous, but it was much more manageable…as long as I ate strictly hangover food. HA! Burgers and grilled cheese were my favorite meals. Then I started to become ravenous and if I didn’t eat, that would make me nauseous too. So although I was feeling a lot better, my weight gain ended up picking up, and now, I’m exactly the same weight I was with Cliffy at this point in pregnancy. From my starting weight at my first appointment (which was a couple pounds below my usual weight) to now, I am 6 pounds up. Now that I’m off the Unisom and feeling A LOT better, I’ve been eating more normal and working out regularly again. I’m so happy to be feeling more like myself.

So that’s the physical aspect of my first trimester. Emotionally, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what having two kids two years apart will be like. I’m an only child, so I really have no idea what the sibling dynamic is like. But mostly, I’m happy I can give Cliffy a sibling because I think it will be a nice experience for him to have someone to grow up with and someone to share his childhood with. I think raising an only child would have been cool too because I’m so incredibly close with my parents and I think the fact that it’s just me is partly why. But either way, I’m excited to go through babyhood again! Stay tuned for bump updates.




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