What I’m Packing for the Hospital


On the internet there is much debate over hospital bag “must haves” and I thought I’d share my own as a second-time mom. I err on the side of less is more. The hospital has a lot of postpartum recovery supplies as well as the necessities for baby. Most of what I am packing are toiletries as well as things that will just make me feel as comfortable as possible during this unpredictable adventure that is childbirth. Unfortunately Cliffy won’t be able to join us at the hospital because of the pandemic, but the bright side of that is I have one less bag to pack! I’ll be bringing this diaper bag with essentials for baby, a weekender for me, and smaller bag with a few things for my husband. I don’t expect my husband to stay the entire hospital stay with me since Cliffy won’t be joining us, so I’ve parred down his bag to just a few essentials this time.

My Bag


I’m organizing everything with 3 travel pouches to separate items by need (Labor, Nursing, & Toiletries)

  • The Labor Pouch: Snacks (a MUST for hungry dad during and hungry mom after birth – I’m packing trail mix, RX bars, Gardettos, and beef jerky), phone charger, iPad, hard candies, hair ties, and lip balm.
  • The Toiletries Pouch: Shampoo/conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, dry shampoo, face wash and moisturizer, makeup remover, concealer and mascara to feel a little more put together for my virtual visitors (FaceTiming, obviously. See: pandemic), hair brush, and glasses/contact supplies.
  • The Nursing Pouch: Nursing bra, nipple cream, nursing tank, nipple pads.
  • Clothing/Footwear: A cheap robe for covering up in the hospital, cute but cozy sweatpants to wear home with the nursing tank, a jean jacket for going home if it’s chilly, flip flops for the shower and maybe even wearing home if it’s warm enough.

Dad’s Bag


  • A change of clothes and pajamas
  • Socks and underwear
  • Toiletries like soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.

Baby’s Bag



  • Going home outfits: As you can see from the photo I have them stored in labeled ziplocks – two newborn outfits and one 0-3 month outfit. My son was swimming in 0-3 and ended up wearing newborn for 3-4 weeks, so I assume the same will be the case for this baby too. Also my son had his first blow out in his newborn outfit minutes before leaving the hospital, so that’s why I decided to pack two newborn looks! And socks are always a good thing to have too.
  • Pacifier: The hospital probably has these if needed but it’s always good to have one for the ride home.
  • Swaddle for dummies: I learned real quick that I’m not a swaddling expert. I was so freaked out those first nights in the hospital that Cliffy would break out of my poor swaddling job after night time feeds. So this time I’m bringing my own easy to use velcro swaddle so I can rest easy.
  • Mittens: No scratchies on the precious little newborn face.
  • Muslin blanket: So many uses: shielding baby from the sun in the carseat, cleaning up spit up, to lay baby down on the bed, keeping him warm on the drive home, and of course a cute swaddle for photos.
  • Car seat cover: This is something I didn’t have for Cliffy and wouldn’t be packing for this baby either if it wasn’t for the pandemic. Considering what’s going on I think it’s a must-have to protect baby from germs on our way from hospital to house.
  • Diapers and wipes: I don’t think these are necessary for the hospital, but I’m throwing them in the diaper bag now so it’s stocked and ready for the first doctor’s appointment shortly after we get home.


  • Insurance information!
  • Clorox Disinfectant Wipes: Again, pandemic.

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