Gender Predictions

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Volcom Romper/Chinese Laundry Booties/Forever 21 Sunglasses

First of all, I think all of these old wives’ tales are complete crap, but I did them all anyways because it’s fun! I am not hoping for one gender over the other.  I think there are aspects to raising each that I would love (I’d probably like to have one of each eventually), but of course I’m just hoping for a happy and healthy little babe. We have names on deck for each and I can’t wait to put a name to this little human when we find out later this week! But until then, we consulted all the old wives’ tales for a little gender prediction test.

  • Heartbeat over or under 140: The heartbeat has always been over 140 bpm = girl
  • Craving sweet or sour: Sweet (but I’ve never been into sour things) = girl
  • Morning sickness: I was nauseas pretty much daily until week 17 or 18 = girl
  • Headaches: no = girl
  • Bump high or low: high = girl
  • Bump wide or round: defininitely round and all in front = boy
  • Skin: Ugh, it’s been better = girl
  • Ring Test: back and forth = boy
  • Chinese Calendar: 24 + December = boy
  • Current age + month of conception: 24 + 12 = 36. Even = girl
  • Emotions happy or moody: Pretty happy for the most part = boy
  • Dreaming about: girl
  • Father’s weight: Nate’s weight has stayed the same since I’ve been pregnant: boy
  • Mother’s Intuition: I have absolutely no clue! I really could picture myself as a mom of either a little boy or a little girl. Boys seem to run in Nate’s family so if I had to guess I would say boy.

It looks like the final consensus is girl! We will see this week if the prediction is correct 🙂


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