Pink Velvet

Forever 21 Jacket/Forever 21 Bodysuit/Paige Jeans/JustFab Booties/Zara Bag/JustFab Sunglasses

I looooove this jacket. It’s the prettiest pink color in addition to being insanely soft and cozy. But the style is just a tad on the rugged side which is totally NOT me, so it took me a little bit to figure out how to style it. I added more pink, skinny jeans, and high heel boots and it feels so much more me.

Side note: before taking these photos I asked my husband if I should wear the jacket like a normal person (arms in sleeves) or like a fashiony person (over the shoulders), and I was surprised he said fashiony. I thought it would look ridiculous but I actually like it that way too and it made sense for the weather that night. So I’ll be doing the fashiony thing and wearing my jacket on my shoulders more often from now on.

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