Corduroy Dress

Forever 21 Dress/Forever 21 Bodysuit/Chinese Laundry Boots/Francesca’s Ring/Burgundy Ring Gifted/Forever 21 Sunglasses

One of my favorite things about fall fashion is the many rich and interesting textures available and corduroy is in my top 3 (faux fur and sequins make up the rest of my top 3 FYI. Velvet and leather are a close 4th & 5th). Corduroy pants have always been a little tricky, so I love the fabric in dress form. I also think anything corduroy has a slight 70’s vibe about it, so I added some chunky heeled boots and mirrored aviators to play off of that feel. I’ve seen pictures of my mom as a young girl in the 70’s rocking corduroy so that’s the decade my mind wanders to when I think of anything cord-related.

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