What Brings You Joy?


H&M Sweater & Jeans

At the start of the year I wrote in my journal all the things that I am grateful for and what brings me joy on a daily basis. After nearly 3 pages of activities, people, and rituals that make me happy I realized that this blog wasn’t on the list! So sad, but true. The truth of the matter is this: Jean Queen was meant to be a style diary and nothing more and I have zero interest in putting together an outfit and taking a picture of myself in it. Every now and then I will be feeling my date night look and my husband will snap a pic for my Instagram, but aside from that it isn’t happening. Maybe because my daily outfits are workout clothes with spit up on them?

Secondly, the “fashion blog world” makes me want to gag and I am sometimes embarrassed to be a part of it. I still love the act of blogging and the original concept behind it, but I don’t love the company that I am in. Back in High School I remember complaining that fashion magazines were 95% ads meant to sell people crap they don’t need and 5% useful advice & inspiration (Ads can be a source of creative inspiration, but at the end of the day they are made to sell you shit lets be honest). Blogs have gone the way of glossies. They rarely portray real girls showing the outfit they pulled from their carefully curated closet and wore to a friend’s birthday party. It’s #ad and #sponsored and some fluffy portrayal of a seemingly perfect life and what you should BUY to emulate it. It’s a constant influx of new stuff and why you should buy it all. Aside from a few select bloggers that I feel are honest and genuine, the majority of blog and Instagram posts are akin to ads in the glossies and I’m basically over it.

I’m still going to post an outfit here and there probably, and who knows maybe I’ll be inspired to post my looks more regularly one day, but for now I’m more inspired to write and post about other things. Stay tuned.

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