Life is Chaos At the Moment

Snapseed (2)

{Living room progress. Love love love the new wall color}

Life is total chaos right now and I think I’ve collapsed into bed every night this week. It’s all super exciting stuff, but all very time consuming. Our new house is totally move-in ready, but we wanted to change up some details in a handful of rooms so we have been busy trying to get that done by the end of this week. I usually love painting and renovating, but trying to squeeze that in alongside being a full-time mommy and wife as well as working from home part-time has been challenging. Then we will have our Florida trip coming up at the end of the month which I am BEYOND excited about because it’s so cold here still! So yea, we have a lot going on at the moment but truthfully I’m not mad about it because it is all so good! But this blog has definitely fallen by the wayside.

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