We Are Homeowners!

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We bought a house! We found this adorable, recently renovated home in January, decided it was the perfect starter home for our little family, and now it’s officially ours! It’s 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, with a brand new kitchen, updated bathroom, and half-finished basement. One of the biggest selling points for us was the super tall privacy fence in the backyard. Perfect for our high-jumping fur-child to run around in. Also the house is only 2 miles or so from our rental. We love that we are staying in this area of Milwaukee. We are planning to do a little bit of painting, so I thought it would be fun to post updates. Below is the house the day after closing, the “before” pictures.

The Front



{The front of the house is perfect. I may or may not do some planting in the beds. TBD. By the way our door is purple and I LOVE IT. I’m planning to find the perfect wreath to accept our plum-colored door}


Living Room




{We were planning on sanding and staining the hardwood floors in the living room, hallway, and bedrooms but at the end of the day we decided we didn’t want to take on such a big project so we are keeping the floors as is. We are going to remove this trim on the walls and paint the room a cozy greige. My dad gifted me the coolest wooden shelf for Christmas that I can’t wait to hang in this room! We are also replacing our couch and rug, so this room is probably going to see the biggest transformation. Oh and that random table the sellers left is getting trashed}





{Not much happening here. Keeping the white walls. Hanging family photos. Adding a runner for my little crawler to scamper across. It might be nice to replace that ceiling fixture one day}








{Ahh my favorite room! The previous owner flipped the home, so the appliances, counter top, and cupboards are brand new and unused. I love that the cupboards reach the ceiling for more storage space. I am also obsessed with that flat top stove. I love that I can see the entire backyard from the kitchen sink. I can’t wait to cook in here! No change here except maybe replacing the pendant lamp over the sink. Nate isn’t crazy about it. And we’ll be trashing the table left by the seller}





{Not a lot to report here. It’s a bathroom. The sink and cupboard is new and I think the bath is too. I want to sand and stain the shelves so they look prettier and add baskets for storage. I want to paint the walls because they are a little scuffed up but they are a super weird texture: glossy with a wavy appearance so I am not sure how paint will go on}


Clifford’s Nursery



{We are painting Clifford’s room a grey-blue color. I wanted to paint it the same color as his nursery here at the rental but I can’t recall the name of the color! So we are just going to do something totally new. We are also replacing the ceiling light. It gives off the worst yellow glow! We also want to add a better shelving/rod system in his closet, as well as all the bedroom closets. They all have just a single rod and shelf. Actually the guest room doesn’t even have a shelf. Just a rod!}


Master Bedroom



{We are pulling the trim off the wall in this room and painting it a dark, dark purple. Ahhh! That might be the boldest paint job I’ve ever done. My husband talked me into it…he’s sick of all the grey and taupe HAHA. But what can I say…I like neutrals! They allow you to mix up pillows, sheets, decor, etc. anytime you want. But if any room should be a dark color it should be our bedroom. I think it’s going to look really cool and sexy}

Guest Room


{I’m obsessed with the chandelier in this room. I loveeee it! So girly. This is going to be an office/guest room. Until baby #2 comes along one day in the far future. It’s way smaller than the guest room at our rental and lacks a corresponding bathroom but we rarely have guests over anyways so whatever. I don’t like hosting overnight guests anyways….LOL! I’ll probably paint this room eventually but I don’t know what color yet. It’s not high on my radar}





{This is mainly going to be my workout area. The hideous couch and ottomans left by the seller are going going GONE. The bar area is pretty cool but needs refinishing or replacing. I like how the three-sided wall thing hiding the main water valve is a wipe-off board. That will be fun for Cliffy to play with when he’s a little older while mommy exercises}


So that’s the house! We’ve got a little bit of work ahead of us, but I’m sooooo excited to get going on it. There’s no better feeling that knowing you’re the OWNER and the place is yours to make your own.




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