Levi’s and Rosé

Zara top/Levi’s Jeans/Steve Madden Sandals

I took my kiddo to Target yesterday morning for my annual birthday peruse (yes, it’s a tradition. I love that place) and found what I can assume is the best Rosé that $5 could possibly buy. Or my expectations were so low at $5 a bottle that there was no direction to go but up. Either way, I loved this perfectly dry birthday treat.

Now onto my outfit: I love that vintage Levi’s are the new “in” thing. This high waist pair is cool and on-trend, but they aren’t so far from my usual skinnies that I’ll ditch them when the fad has run its course. The light wash is perfectly vintage inspired and I love it for that laid back summer vibe. The best part is this particular style is much more affordable than the Wedgie, but still nails the vintage look! There are some really great gems on Amazon, people…

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