Baby Number Two: 5 Month Bump Update


{Photo taken by none other than Clifford William!}

How Far Along: 22 Weeks

Baby’s Size: Corn on the cob

Symptoms: I have to say, I’m feeling great this month!! This is my favorite part of pregnancy. I have a cute little bump, nausea is almost complete gone (besides when I’m hungry) and I have a lot more energy (I’m back to working out most days of the week!). My main symptoms right now are probably some round ligament aches occasionally, still feeling pretty breathe-less in the mornings, backaches at night, ravenous at times, and crazy dreams.

Food Cravings: Still all about cheese. With crackers. That’s probably the biggest one. I love a good burger right now too.

Food Aversions: None! I can honestly say nothing really grosses me out anymore. Now that the nausea has passed, I can stand the sight and smell of pretty much anything.

Wearing: I’m wearing lots of maternity leggings, jeans, long sleeve tees, and sweaters this month now that it’s freezing outside. I think I’ve linked them before, but I love Old Navy’s maternity leggings and the Isabel Maternity tees at Target. Speaking of Target, they have some very cute maternity tops and sweaters right now! I have this leopard one and it’s my favorite thing to wear. The quality of this line for the price point is amazing!! I would LOVE to add this cozy sweatshirt to my collection but I don’t want to go overboard with clothes I’ll only wear for 4 more months.

Best Moments: There has been SO much movement, and kicks so strong I can see them from the outside now. My bump has also been growing bigger and it’s been fun dressing a baby belly again. We are starting on the nursery now and that has been fun too.

Worst Moments: I’m getting uncomfortable already and that scares me. I have found that I cannot sleep without my pregnancy pillow or I will have the worst back aches ever.

Looking Forward To: Working on the nursery more. I can’t wait to put up the cute curtains I have for the windows. I’ve had these curtains forever and they’ll be perfect in the nursery.

Missing: Coffee, wine, sleeping on my back, and Italian subs.

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