Baby Number Two: 4 Month Bump Update


I can’t believe I’m back to doing bump updates! As with my first pregnancy, I’m doing a weekly diary just for myself. But here, I plan to do monthly updates with a belly shot and a short run down on how my pregnancy has been going.

How far along: 18 Weeks

Baby’s size: Avocado

Symptoms: So so very hungry! I also get really light headed in the mornings and feel short of breathe often. I’m feeling a lot of round ligament aches and pains lately too, so baby is growing.

Food Cravings: Cheese! Cheese and crackers are my favorite thing to eat right now. I have also had a bit of a sweet tooth recently. I’m all about sour gummies and licorice.

Food Aversions: Not nearly as many as previously. Most foods are OK and I have even been eating shrimp.

Wearing: I became DESPERATE for maternity activewear this week. I didn’t work out nearly this much with Cliffy, so I only have one pair of maternity yoga-type leggings. I needed some made for sweating so I ordered these leggings from Old Navy and this cute top from Gap. I also did some more browsing just for fun and I love this jumpsuit too. I found some maternity jeans that I hate the least and I’ve been living in them: these under-the-bump jeans from ASOS. I don’t know why I never tried the under-the-bump style before, but they might be my favorite.

Best moments: Feeling so much movement! I was pretty sure I was feeling some wiggles around 14/15 weeks, now it’s undeniable. It’s crazy how early I’m feeling kicks this time around. I’m also popping this week.

Worst moments: I can’t really think of any. Honestly this month has been pretty good. I had some nauseas moments still but now I’m entering the honeymoon period of pregnancy and my belly is popping!

Looking Forward to: Working on the baby nursery! With Cliffy, we were in the process of moving states and didn’t get into our home until I was about 26/27 weeks. Then I had my baby shower a couple months after that, so I didn’t really start on the nursery until well into the third trimester and completely finished it a matter of weeks before he was born. This time, we are in the house baby is coming home to and have a room picked out, so I’m eager to get started! I’m also aware that I have a 2-year-old to tend to and less free time available, so I want to make sure I plan ahead.

Missing: WINE. It’s the holidays and I can’t drink. It’s very sad. Also missing my normal skinny jeans. Maternity jeans are not my friend.

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