Baby Number Two: 7 Month Bump Update


{30 weeks}

How Far Along:
 31 Weeks 

Baby’s Size: A head of lettuce

Symptoms: So hungry! Also starting get uncomfortable.

Food Cravings: I’m randomly really into these weird orange Twizzlers. It’s so strange. I also am loving burgers!

Food Aversions: Nothing I can think of! I’m pretty much past an kind of aversions.

Wearing: It’s all about the leggings and sweaters! Jeans are just not really worth it anymore. I  pretty bored of getting dressed lately and it’s very sad but comfort is key.

Best Moments: Yay third trimester!!! The home stretch! I can’t wait to just nest and prep for baby. I also got the glucose test over and done with and I’m so happy to have all the testing and shots behind me.

Worst Moments: Horrible back pain!! Also I had a cold and being sick while pregnant is just the worst since you can’t take anything!

Looking Forward to: Meeting my little guy and enjoying the warmer weather with my boys in the coming months!

Missing: Intense workouts, strong coffee, and sleeping well.

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