5 Month Bump Update

Forever 21 dress/Aerie bralette/LC Lauren Conrad Sandals/Forever 21 Sunglasses/Name necklace from Etsy

How far along: 21 Weeks

Baby’s Size: Bok Choy! (this week at our ultrasound they said he is 13oz)

Symptoms: I have the smallest bladder in the world and also MAJOR pregnancy brain. I thought I had lost my favorite sunglasses for a whole week and was so bummed out about it, until I realized they had been sitting on our tv stand (literally right in front of my face) the whole time. I also forgot my car at work one day and didn’t realize it until I went to leave for work the next day! But otherwise I feel really great. No sickness, more energy (I took up swimming), and fairly content.

Food Cravings: I’m really into BBQ Popchips this month. They are the best. I’m also loving Detroit Water Ice in fruity flavors on warm days. I will really miss that place when we move to Milwaukee.

Food Aversions: Chicken still isn’t my fave, unless it’s in the form of chicken tenders.

Wearing: This month I picked up this Old Navy maxi dress and I love it soooo much. It’s super comfortable and has lots of room in the stomach to grow. I like pairing it with a jean jacket and a light scarf on chilly spring days. I see myself wearing it to death this summer. Also, my mom was so, so kind to have treated me to these Jessica Simpson jeans from Motherhood Maternity and I’m wearing them constantly!

Best moments: Finding out that we are having a little boy was obviously the highlight! My stomach really popped and that has been really exciting. Strangers are starting to comment on my baby bump when I’m out and about and it’s been fun dressing it/showing it off. We also signed the lease on a house in Milwaukee this month and I’m excited to have found the perfect place to raise our son for the first year of his life.

Worst moments: I’m a back sleeper so it’s been difficult training myself to sleep differently. I can easily fall asleep on my left side (I read that side is best for baby), but I always wake up in the middle of the night flat on my back. Ugh!

Looking Forward to: Feeling stronger kicks and browsing blue baby gear!

Missing: Some of my non-maternity summer clothes. I have all these adorable summer dresses, rompers, crop tops, and high waisted shorts that I would love to break out of storage now that it’s getting warm out, but I won’t be able to wear them with my baby bump. Womp womp.

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